Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Even More Knitting

I finally had enough Silk Garden in my stash from gifts and sales at Little Knits and Webs to do a striped scarf a la Brooklyn Tweed for Hubby and me. Now I'm too embarrassed to go out in public with the matching outfit thing going on. I have been wearing mine only when I go out without him. He gets to wear his all the time and I think he's enjoying it. The previous scarf he was wearing around I made for him when I first learned how to knit and it's way too short. Sort of an Alpaca Cravat. Not a good look.

Ravelry Link

More Knitting

Socks in TOFUtsies sock yarn. Did two at a time Toe-Up and used the Waterfall Rib Stitch Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Ravelry Link. These Socks ate my soul (sole hee hee). The yarn was no fun at all.. splitty, no memory.. blech. I still haven't started another pair of socks since then. Sigh...the horror.

On the other hand ( I swear I'm not purposefully trying to be all puny) These convertable mittens made from Dream in Color Classy were a joy to knit with. LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn. it has terrific yardage, beautiful non-pooling colorways, and glorious sproinginess. Colorway is Chinatown Apple Pattern Urban Neccesity. Ravelry Link

Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh ya I have a blog

Ok I really and truly suck at the blog thing.

Just need to start again....like ripping off a band-aid right??

Stuff I've finished in the last 5 months:

Washcloths for Christmas to go with our handmade soap. From Elan Adara and Camila. Ravelry link

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Some hats for Stash and Burn's Seven Long project (pediatric chemo hats)

Ravelry Links: Koolhass out of Knit Picks Comfy and Crumpet out of Chameleon Colorworks Bambino. Both yarns were a joy to knit with and worked out really well for the projects. Lets hope they are truely washible and hold up to wear.